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Because some things, are simply out of our control…

Because ‘The Answer’ really is that strange…

Because ‘The Answer’ really is that strange…

The picture below speaks volumes. They are unfortunately a South African band who have sky-rocketed to fame and are well on their way (apparently) to worldwide/global domination.

Aaah. The supreme irony of all this.

An unfortunate global phenomenon? or a lesson to take note of...

‘Die Antwoord’ – which directly translated means ‘The Answer’.

When they first started out in making music – they found no success… Their music never caught the attention of anyone and neither did they. Fueled by anger and in retaliation to this, they expressed their concerns about people and their questionable taste in music… and so with that, they went about trying to prove how people are all sheep and will listen to anything at all and the more of a following something develops, the more its popularity will grow.

Claiming that music was no longer “music”.  That “music” as it is seen today (especially by the youth), is nothing but a set of regurgitated beats and the repetition of maybe one or two sentences – as if the songs and their success were driven strictly by an individuals lack of intelligence and non-existent pride! With these claims, they also expressed that if they dressed and acted inappropriately, as well as used nothing but ‘swear words’, excessive vulgarity, acted in an over-sexed manner, used sentences which made no sense, repeated everything and well basically spoke a bunch of bunk – and that by encompassing every poor quality so openly displayed by the ‘successful’ musicians of today (and marveled by our youth…), that they would become the largest, most followed and most successful music group in the world.

When their first ‘noticed’ track was released – they basically became an overnight phenomenon. Everybody had those ridiculous words running on a loop inside their heads – and had almost fallen prey to a form of brainwashing, as they chanted, “Aai aai aai, I am your butterfly, I need your protection, Be my samurai”. Hysterical.

Sadly – this just emphasises how the joke was on everyone… They have basically proven that their followers are… “stupid sheep, who display limited intelligence, have undoubtedly been raised poorly and were probably uncensored in the films their parents let them watch while they were so busy being neglected” – all of which has indirectly and heartbreakingly shown me that the world has gone to hell and that the only ones laughing here, are those people smart enough to capitalise on other peoples stupidity.

So ironically – ‘Die Antwoord’  found success on a worldwide scale and purely by proving a point. These two well spoken and educated individuals now pretend to be uneducated ‘common rednecks’ with a poor vocabulary and shocking dress sense – because it’s the only way they believed they could find success in music – which they subsequently did. In fact, this paragraph of that same song, sums it up pretty well:

F**k, this is like, the coolest song I ever heard in my whole life
F**k all of you who said I wouldn’t make it
They said I was a loser
The said i was a no-one
They said I was a f****n psycho
But look at me now…

Before they became a worldwide phenomenon and when their music was still definable as music (although there was still the issue of 'bad hair)

Making ‘Inspiration’ Happen…


Aaah, New Years Resolutions. Why?

At least this year I’ll try not to beat myself up about the goals I set every year and fail (every year).  Like losing weight. Oh wait, that’s the only one I fail every year…

Last year my resolution was to lose weight (i lost a bit), plan a wedding and make a concerted effort to maintain more frequent contact with friends. Which I did successfully for the most part.

This year, although ambitious – it is to get my finances in order and save for furthering my studies. I have decided that my latent or more like hibernating artistic talent should and can be utilised in order to achieve this… the problem is the ‘Inspiration’ bit. A major misconception amongst ‘everybody’ – and I will generalise this… is that ‘artistic’ or ‘creative’ people can simply paint a masterpiece, compose a symphony or some such thing… at the drop of a hat.

NO – we can’t. I can only paint when the urge hits me… when I have this torrent of electrical inspiration grip me… when my fingers burn with desire and passion in order to wield that paint brush, knock the wind out my sails and leave me breathless – where the air I need is releasing my creativity. The problem is, that working full time – raising a six-year-old and between packing lunches, working out, staying in touch with old friends, keeping a husband happy, still having some sort of life and dealing with the daily stresses of work (and will I still have a job tomorrow)… the inspiration usually hits me when I’m getting ready to go to bed on a week night, or when I’m overtired on a weekend – at some random time, when I should actually be doing something else ‘important’ – like grocery shopping or paying bills, or when I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom…

So how do you ‘make’ inspiration happen. It’s not a pill you can pop or a drink you can slug, or a substance you can inhale or smoke (although I’m sure some would beg to differ). I find the best way to do it, is to take it… from other people or places or things. I have realised that there are some insufferably inspired people out there, who clearly have all the time in the world and will do whatever it takes to release that creative surge.

So thank you, I’m going to steal some of your ‘inspiration overflow’ – and utilise it for my own personal gain…hope you don’t mind.

BARBIE PART JEWELLERY - MARGAUX LANGE "Now although not my cup of tea, you have to admit it is an ingenious albeit macabre use for the dolls - but I suppose since every little girl plays with Barbie and wants to be like her, she can now have a part of her wherever she goes"

FLOWER PETAL ART - ELSA MORA "Now this is simply charming and should think must feel somewhat like tai chi for the fingers and mind - the lovely floral fragrances, the soft silken touch to the fingertips, the symmetrical design elements - and the reminder that nothing in life lasts forever"

TIRE ART (VARIOUS) -"Now this is so very masculine - it's dirty, labour intensive, time consuming - but I should imagine it is extremely rewarding. The final look to these sculptures is rugged, yet refined - very eye-catching and would definitely make a unique focal point to any interior or exterior space. Also, with tire rubber being one of the most toxic substances to dispose of - it is a wonderfully 'green' way re-using and recycling"

PENCIL ART - DALTON GHETTI -"Real pencils with miniature sculptures made of the actual graphite tip - how entirely bizarre. I think what happened is he really wanted to draw, but ran out of sketch paper? They are really exquisitely executed and rather dainty - and I could imagine they would make an interesting conversation point"

BOOK CARVING-BRIAN DETTMER -"This I saved for last, only because it truly is an abomination to destroy a book - but, a truly magnificent way of using a book that is out of date, or for example: the use of a book that's been thrown away. This is extremely intricate, delicate and visually awesome. This is something I would be too scared to attempt"

More importantly – as thrilled as I am to have discovered a perpetual fountain of inspiration… I would love to know how people think up some of these things.

Tech Hypocrite


Funny thing this, I never imagined I would ever post anything substantial from a phone, except perhaps a “message” or “status update” on Facebook! But today, yet another thing I’ve just done was to finally join rank with thousands, if not millions – and have myself a Blackberry!?! I believe that this will be the only time I will ever write a blog this way… It’s far too painstaking and have since established that my fingers, the same ones I had previously believed to be quite dainty and agile are not and are seeingly larger and far more clumsy… I’m pretty sure nothing beats an actual keyboard. But, it’s something I can now say I’ve done 🙂

[Please NOTE: Due to my obsessive nature, this post has since been edited from the computer – only because of spelling & grammatical errors, as well as not having been able to appropriately ‘tag’ or ‘categorise’ as I should have.  Listed below however is the post as it had originally appeared]

Funny thing this, never imagined I would ever post anything substantial from a phone, except perhaps a “message” on Facebook! But today yet another thing I’ve just done was finally join rank with thousands, if not millions – and have myself a Blackberry!?! I believe that this will be the only time-I will ever write a blog this way… It’s far too painstaking and have since established that my fingers, the same ones I had previously believed to be quite dainty and agile are not and are seeingly larger and far more clumsy… I,m pretty sure nothing beats an actual keyboard. But, it’s something I can nom say I’ve done 🙂

Tru+h is str@nger than f!cti0n


So is finding a teenager who can spell correctly or more importantly who can read actual words as they were intended.

Bizarrely I have also noted that with my ever-increasing number of blog posts… is the seemingly strange accompaniment of ‘smiley faces’, little tongue-pulling faces and the like – it is somewhat like experiencing ‘reverse intelligence’ on my part.

At least I don’t use ‘tween shorthand’, i.e. GR8 / WTF/ ROFLMAO / CU L8R. Really now…

My sincerest apologies.

I will try to keep ridiculous facial expressions for all intents and purposes – delegated and used appropriately.

Now please, let me not find fault with my spelling, syntax or grammar…

How ridiculous.

Isn’t it the oddity of the internet and the infinite possibilities and capabilities thereof which make it so very awesome…

Yet once again, my sincerest apologies for any offenseful remarks, comments or misspelt shorthand or misrepresentation of the language, because there’s also the whole confusion between American and British spelling, etc. I was born in the 80’s when a phone was merely a phone and the english language was just that… an actual spoken language. Not the missing link between teenagers and their parents.


It is the only time I will ever be annoyed by technology – in that as intelligent as it is, its increasing ability for creating and generating utter stupidity is astonishing.

I don’t quite know what irritation compelled me to type this itty-bitty random post, but let’s just say – that this time…I took my inspiration from Dean Koontz. I pondered his perspective in ‘Demon Seed’ and now it seems all too clear. The computer made me do it.

Read HERE to find out about how phones can make you do it too 🙂 lol

Just Married :)


Officially. The date… the 23rd of July 2011. I can now actually claim the redundant title of ‘MarriedWife’ 😉

The father officially handing over the daughter, most gratefully I'm sure 🙂

Many, if not all of the ‘brides’ I had spoken to [prior to MY big day], all had something or other they would have changed or done differently. I am fortunate to fall into that category of,  “I was happy with everything”, in hindsight that is.

The day was beautiful – not a breath of wind, the winter sun shining gently and instead of dowsing any nerves with champagne or sedatives, I spent it jovially having breakfast with a friend at the guesthouse I was booked into, then checking in on the venue and cake-assembly, followed by my hair appointment which was relaxing – drinking lattes and surrounded by my three best friends, two of whom had travelled from afar just to be there for the day and the other, my bridesmaid.

Once done, I sent my co-conspirators on a mission to obtain a banana, vanilla and almond smoothie while I popped into the bank to draw some money, after which I chauffered myself back to the guesthouse with my bridesmaid in tow, at which point we commenced to sit on the sundeck talking nonsense while I finished the smoothie. I was so calm infact, that when the photographer made an appearance, she queried whether I had moved the time of the wedding to a later slot?!?

After applying my make-up, getting dressed and posing for a few photos – the rest of my entourage arrived. Namely, my son [the pageboy or ‘ringmaster’ as he termed it], the flowergirls, my brother [the bestman – who needed the transport], my two friends, my mother, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and the maid, Beauty! After a few photos in the lush gardens, it was time to head forth. I had promised my ‘husband-to-be’ that this would be the one instance that I would most definitely be ON TIME. But alas, my mother who had fallen into position of ‘bride chauffer’ decided that it was unfashionable to arrive either early or on time – and that it was customary to arrive at least 5 minutes late!! After possibly the slowest drive of my entire life and my mother actually cursing the non-appearance of ‘red lights’ and then still choosing as a last ditched attempt to delay the inevitable – by going into an abandoned parking lot en-route…and doing donuts?!

We arrived at what must have been about 15H32, with the wedding having been scheduled to start at 15H30. Apparently I wasn’t the only one running “late”, as my Aunt and Uncle decided to show up after I had been met by my father, posed for photos and even after having given a strategic breakdown of the ‘grand entrance’ to the ‘mothers’, my sister-in-law with the two flowergirls and my bridesmaid. In their scurry past us in order to make it to their seats, they had still attempted a greeting, at which point I ‘shoed’ them off and cursed under breath at their being late!!! Once my Aunt and Uncle as well as the remainder of the bridal party had precursored my entrance, as I had envisioned this grand dramatic moment of silence at the back end of the aisle, followed by the start of the wedding march…but alas, I experienced what felt like an eternity of silence before my future husband began waving his arms frantically to cue the DJ to start the song.

It was possibly, if not definitely – the ‘fastest’ recorded marriage service in the history of the world, but beautiful and effective none-the-less. After which we signed the register and walked back down the aisle. Everyone however, remained seated. Awkwardly some of them turned their heads to view where we had exited to, at which point I simply flapped my arms about, gesturing them to stand and proceed with moving out of their seats, as the service had not been performed in a chapel, but out on a verandah overlooking the harbour, the overall tone was rather relaxed – so I don’t think they really took too much notice. I received what felt like 1 000 hugs and kisses, which was rather wonderful yet bizarre and left my lips feeling awfully numb 😛

After downing a cocktail, we briefly departed for the official photoshoot – which took place on an old railway bridge and railway tunnel, accompanied by my husband, brother [bestman] and my friend [bridesmaid]. After much posing, more kissing and some weird photo ops with random passing-by-ice-cream-vendors… my brother received a rather menacing phone call from my mother, who was expressing something or other rather loudly, but at my enquiry, my brother chose to tell me that the guests were impatient and that we were taking too long with the photos. After our entrance into the reception, I was accosted by my mother… at the bridal table, right up on the stage – albeit in a very quiet and underhanded manner, “about how my father was simply incapable of saying a speech and how dare I NOT have mentioned this to them well in advance so that she could have advised against it”.  I took a deep breath and momentarily excused myself from the table, escaped to the upstairs deck, had a cigarette and ordered both my mother and father a shot of tequila. Everything after that was just dandy 🙂

I always seem to have so much to say 🙂

The rest of what happened is nearly as long winded as this beginning bit, but to say that I was truly blessed, would be the understatement of the year… Without so many helpful and loving hands to hold, help with the hard work and heavy lifting and those very much needed hugs, it would not have been nearly as awesome. My two special friends who undertook a great trek of their own, just in order to be by my side on this day made the whole experience far better than it possibly would have been, without them there. The table arrangements came out perfectly, the evening was mild, the food divine, the cake heavenly and the company even better than all of that combined, what with these ingredients forming part of the perfect recipe for joy, love, happiness, fun and sheer enjoyment 🙂 Plus, I’m married now.

A series of pictures taken throughout the evening by one of my best friends, I don't think he even realises his hidden potential and ability in capturing true moments

And guess what, so far… it’s been everything the ‘happy wives’ have said it would be 🙂 Now wait until you hear about the honeymoon!

Saying Goodbye :'(


Everyone deals with things in their own unique way, one which is conducive to their individual healing process – whether it be a farewell to friend who is leaving town, or someone who has passed.

Today I strangely sit with both – along with a feeling of not being able to breath, as well as an overwhelming sense of nausea.

I like to believe with funerals though that, although the body dies and falls to dust – the spirit and soul transfer, until you have reached the highest plain of consciousness and have learnt all that could be learnt from your time here, from those who are important to you and through making mistakes and learning from them – you will cross over to Nirvana, or wherever that plain of ‘higher consciousness’ is, or whatever it is to you. Saying farewell to someone leaving town is nevertheless, just as disconcerting. However the advantages to a mere farewell, are that you are able to see that person again, you can simply pick up the phone if you need to chat and you have a place to stay should you ever venture into their neighborhood!

My friend, having tragically lost her sister to a still ‘unknown’ bacteria/virus is really not doing very well. Her sister, who after having fought strong for more than 7 weeks and who on the Thursday afternoon, ready to return home – had yet one more visit to make to the hospital for a final blood test, prior to departure. However, upon inspection – a ‘level’ of some or other was excessively high and way over what it should have been and at the doctors insistence she was readmitted, but only to monitor and drop the levels, at which point she could leave and be home free.  However… after admission on the Friday afternoon, she had fallen into a coma by Saturday evening and by Sunday was being ravaged by gradual organ failure – and during the early hours of the Monday morning she departed her earthly vessel and joined rank amongst the angels.

My friend. How broken she was and still is. The unfortunate thing about death, is that as humans and due to our apologetic and sympathetic natures (in most instances), wish only to convey a feeling of understanding which we believe to be empathy.  But to know a loss of your own certainly does not translate into the understanding of the loss of another. I hate when people say to the bereaved, “i’m so sorry”… > you didn’t kill that person, weren’t responsible for their death and had no hand in their malady or suffering? Fact is – there is nothing you can say to someone who has lost a loved one. NOTHING. They need to think about the situation, sift through the emotion and influx of everything, as well as deal with the circumstances… ON THEIR OWN.

YOUR grieving may last all of 2 days, whereas others’ never entirely recover and are haunted by the loss for the rest of their days.  It is your job to stay as you are. To smile and laugh and hug and kiss that person as you always have, so that they can lose focus of death and loss – by continuing to focus on life, it is only then that they will be able to bring to light that it does [life] go on. That just because you’re happy and laughing, enjoying a sunset or going out for an evening with friends, that the ‘departed’ is/are of any less importance or that you’ve forgotten about them in any way?!? It is only by/through ‘getting on with life’ or believing that ‘life goes on’, where we are able to forget about the bad and remember the good – it is only through this that our pain becomes somewhat more bearable and the loss somewhat more tolerable.

If tomorrow starts without me and I am not there to see, if the sun should rise and find your eyes, all filled with tears for me; I wish so much you wouldn’t cry, the way you did today, while thinking of the many things, we didn’t get to say.

If I could relive yesterday, just even for a while, I would say goodbye and kiss you, and hope to see you smile.  But then I fully realised that this could never be, for emptiness and memories would take the place of me.” – Unknown

Just be that unwavering friend or family member.  Soften the heartache with hugs, kisses and laughs 🙂

If you have lost someone dear to you, and if it was recently – just know that their memory will never fade and even years after having departed their earthly body, the smile on their face and vividness and sparkle of their living eyes will forever be emblazoned in your mind and you will be left with only the joy they brought you, laughs they initiated and the great times had. As agonizing as the pain is now, just know that the cruelty of its razor edge will ease – and in time you too will smile and laugh again.