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Because ‘The Answer’ really is that strange…

Because ‘The Answer’ really is that strange…

The picture below speaks volumes. They are unfortunately a South African band who have sky-rocketed to fame and are well on their way (apparently) to worldwide/global domination.

Aaah. The supreme irony of all this.

An unfortunate global phenomenon? or a lesson to take note of...

‘Die Antwoord’ – which directly translated means ‘The Answer’.

When they first started out in making music – they found no success… Their music never caught the attention of anyone and neither did they. Fueled by anger and in retaliation to this, they expressed their concerns about people and their questionable taste in music… and so with that, they went about trying to prove how people are all sheep and will listen to anything at all and the more of a following something develops, the more its popularity will grow.

Claiming that music was no longer “music”.  That “music” as it is seen today (especially by the youth), is nothing but a set of regurgitated beats and the repetition of maybe one or two sentences – as if the songs and their success were driven strictly by an individuals lack of intelligence and non-existent pride! With these claims, they also expressed that if they dressed and acted inappropriately, as well as used nothing but ‘swear words’, excessive vulgarity, acted in an over-sexed manner, used sentences which made no sense, repeated everything and well basically spoke a bunch of bunk – and that by encompassing every poor quality so openly displayed by the ‘successful’ musicians of today (and marveled by our youth…), that they would become the largest, most followed and most successful music group in the world.

When their first ‘noticed’ track was released – they basically became an overnight phenomenon. Everybody had those ridiculous words running on a loop inside their heads – and had almost fallen prey to a form of brainwashing, as they chanted, “Aai aai aai, I am your butterfly, I need your protection, Be my samurai”. Hysterical.

Sadly – this just emphasises how the joke was on everyone… They have basically proven that their followers are… “stupid sheep, who display limited intelligence, have undoubtedly been raised poorly and were probably uncensored in the films their parents let them watch while they were so busy being neglected” – all of which has indirectly and heartbreakingly shown me that the world has gone to hell and that the only ones laughing here, are those people smart enough to capitalise on other peoples stupidity.

So ironically – ‘Die Antwoord’  found success on a worldwide scale and purely by proving a point. These two well spoken and educated individuals now pretend to be uneducated ‘common rednecks’ with a poor vocabulary and shocking dress sense – because it’s the only way they believed they could find success in music – which they subsequently did. In fact, this paragraph of that same song, sums it up pretty well:

F**k, this is like, the coolest song I ever heard in my whole life
F**k all of you who said I wouldn’t make it
They said I was a loser
The said i was a no-one
They said I was a f****n psycho
But look at me now…

Before they became a worldwide phenomenon and when their music was still definable as music (although there was still the issue of 'bad hair)