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Dean Koontz – My Literary Let-down


The moment I discovered Koontz, was an awe-filled one. I believe it was ‘The Taking’. Ironically. I had never read Koontz before that time and had quite frankly been let down far too many times by authors, who in their “signing of deals with large publishing houses are forced to spew out works more fecklessly than a crapulent teenager acting responsibly”. I had experienced it with authors ranging from Anne Rice and Stephen King to John Grisham. Yes, some of their novels are truly captivating and keep the reader enthralled from start to finish – and then woefully you’ll have a serious “miss”, where the work is so far from interesting you’re inclined to use it as loo paper. 

So to say I was somewhat cautious, would have been a massive understatement.  Yet I picked it up and began reading…and read some more…continued to read. I still remember nearing the end and not quite wanting to finish because of the sheer finality of it. Up to that point ‘The Taking’ had become my obsession. It was all I wanted to do, and when I was done with it, I needed another…and another. Like a junkie needing their ‘fix’. I began skulking through bookstores, raiding flea markets for the ‘out of print’ novels and browsing online every chance I got. Dean would be the only man I wanted to take to bed with me every night, because I knew that all I would get was awesome, breathtaking and thoroughly addictive – not to mention, for the first time in my life not a single let down.

The Mystery Train of Thought surrounding the disappearance of Christopher Snow

The first 'two' of a trilogy with NO 3?

Of every single one of his novels I have read, there is not a bad thing I could say. Perhaps I am biased – but primarily because he takes up so much of my time and probably more importantly, because he is consistent.  On my adventures through ensuring I did not miss a single release by Mr Koontz, I came across “Fear Nothing”. Intriguingly I recall having read somewhere on the book that it was ‘one’ in a series of ‘three’. Since I had avoided the ‘Odd Thomas’ collection until I was in the ownership of all related material, I was somewhat reluctant. But I read it… I don’t think it took me two days. I went in search of ‘Seize The Night’. Same deal. They just seemed to propel me into the very life and existence of Christopher Snow, Sasha, Bobby, Orson and Mungojerrie. I quite happily hustled my way through the pages, knowing that I would be met at the end by the third and final instalment…

Since the name of the third novella was not mentioned on the 2nd instalment, I turned to ‘Google’. Now, here’s the thing. They often say “When something is too good to be true, it’s because it usually is…”. Only to find out that it hadn’t even been written? Then why make such a false claim, i.e. “one in a series of three”. I’m afraid if a ‘third’ part doesn’t exist – surely it would be more fitting to say “one in a series of two”? My restored faith in literary genius had been destroyed. Not so much because any of his subsequent material was bad or anything, on the contrary – I have found Mr D. Koontz to have become better with age! Who would deny ‘Velocity’ it’s podium stand for truly riveting…However, this does NOT detract from the fact that I feel so sorely let down. You see, it’s not just me either, it’s the hundred’s of thousand’s of other adoring fans and critics alike that he has let down. To say that this realisation put me off of reading for a while would be an incompatible underestimation. Slowly however I have regained my confidence and have had to make amends with Dean, at the moment I have been following Harry and Connie in their quest for ‘Ticktock’. I will forever feel incomplete. This gnawing emptiness, spawned entirely from being let down so horridly and the disappointment mainly in the fact that he broke his promise to us. 2003 was the last time anyone heard anything conclusive regarding the release of the 3rd and final instalment – that was over 7 years ago!?! Is he trying to match the release time of ‘Duke Nuken Forever’?

So please. PLEASE. My adored Mr Koontz, whom I respect and admire for having the most profound imagination and thought process – which I so terribly envy.  Please don’t let me or the many others who have met this similar fate, down. Thanking you in anticipation. There will always be you, but the question is – will there be another Christopher Snow 😥