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Tru+h is str@nger than f!cti0n


So is finding a teenager who can spell correctly or more importantly who can read actual words as they were intended.

Bizarrely I have also noted that with my ever-increasing number of blog posts… is the seemingly strange accompaniment of ‘smiley faces’, little tongue-pulling faces and the like – it is somewhat like experiencing ‘reverse intelligence’ on my part.

At least I don’t use ‘tween shorthand’, i.e. GR8 / WTF/ ROFLMAO / CU L8R. Really now…

My sincerest apologies.

I will try to keep ridiculous facial expressions for all intents and purposes – delegated and used appropriately.

Now please, let me not find fault with my spelling, syntax or grammar…

How ridiculous.

Isn’t it the oddity of the internet and the infinite possibilities and capabilities thereof which make it so very awesome…

Yet once again, my sincerest apologies for any offenseful remarks, comments or misspelt shorthand or misrepresentation of the language, because there’s also the whole confusion between American and British spelling, etc. I was born in the 80’s when a phone was merely a phone and the english language was just that… an actual spoken language. Not the missing link between teenagers and their parents.


It is the only time I will ever be annoyed by technology – in that as intelligent as it is, its increasing ability for creating and generating utter stupidity is astonishing.

I don’t quite know what irritation compelled me to type this itty-bitty random post, but let’s just say – that this time…I took my inspiration from Dean Koontz. I pondered his perspective in ‘Demon Seed’ and now it seems all too clear. The computer made me do it.

Read HERE to find out about how phones can make you do it too 🙂 lol